Hats I knit hats

Here are my first hats. Yeah! Something other than a scarf. I did not knit these in the round. That's next. I like the yarn I used for the pink and blue hats. The yarn is AngelHair by Sensations from JoAnn's Fabric Store. So nice. It's very soft and knits like a dream. I can make tons of stuff from this yarn and never tire of its texture. The yellow baby hat is made from Sensations Dolcetto collection. It too is soft and nice but the gauge is so loose. I think I'll need to knit with smaller needles and fewer stitches. I tried to stitch up the seam by camp fire. Bad idea. I really messed it up. So this little yellow hat will be added to the girls' baby doll clothes chest. I will try again. Ho hum.


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