Knitting on the Metro

Hi. I knit. I knit at home. I knit in the car. (not while driving, silly thought.) I knit at work. I knit with children. I knit with a cat. I even knit on the Metro.

As I knitted my way to my seat on the train I expected to keep myself busy with my knitty thoughts and hope to block out all the commuter noises. I knit through about one row when a lovely woman, a fellow knitter, came to sit next to me. She wanted to see what I was working on and share in the knitty ways. I was working on a little blue hat and she a pair of socks. Socks! I want to learn how to make socks. That's a good goal for me.

It was nice to chat up for a bit. How neat to meet and discuss knitting and patterns, just like we were old friends. That's the best part about knitters we're all just so darn nice. Yet I did not even give her my name. I must have left my manners at home. Next time I'll remember to be more polite. I suppose when your hands are busy and you're excited to meet other knitters remembering introductions just get forgotten. Shame on me. All the same I look forward to meeting more knitters!


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