Olivia's party weekend

There was plenty to do and many family members to see. Aunt Lisa and Uncle JD agreed to host the 4th birthday party for Olivia at their house. They are such great party planners. I see a catering/restaurant business in their future. Everything was fantastic. The food is always good here and everyone contributed such great tasty dishes.

Olivia was so happy to see her cousins. Both girls have been talking for weeks about how much fun they will have playing with Makayla, Brianna and Robbie. I was happy to see them play together, there was so much room in the yard, they played even in the rain!

I was glad to visit with the family and catch up. Wow so much to learn about everyone's goings ons! I miss so much. It's hard when you live far from your family. Growing up with this great family was something special. I realize that now. I have been so blessed to have a great family that lives so close to each other. That proximity was something that was a given, a stabilizer. Now that I live so far away those moments when I can come home are worth the long drive. And the trips just never seem long enough.


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