Build a Bear party

Ooooh this was sooooo fun! I love teddy bears and so does Olivia. What a great birthday party idea. A classmate of hers turned 4 and celebrated the fun by creating teddy bears. I had lots of fun and so did little Olivia. It was great watching all the kids work on their bears.

The first step was to pick out the skin of a new friend either a bear, dog, or kola and march to the back of the store. Once there they all listened to the directions and waited patiently. One by one they stepped to the stuffing machine watching their little animals become full and big. When everyone's bear, dog or kola had been stuffed the helper threw a handful of red hearts onto the floor. Each child chose 2. Before the stitching they all had to pick up a little heart and give it lots of love and good wishes. After they were done giving it all the happy thoughts and love they stuffed it into their buddies. This was repeated and all the kids put their second heart into the birthday girl's brown bear. I love that picture of them all stuffing their hearts into the bear.

Look how cute the bears are in their little shirts.


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