Conversations at breakfast

Mommy was very sleepy this morning. I walked around in an early morning haze of caffeine deprivation. While I waited for the coffee to brew I sat at the dining room table across from two lively and well rested little girls. I stared into the space of my backyard still processing the fact that I was out of bed. All the while my girls were discussing random little girl topics over a bowl of yogurt and fruit.

This is a sample of the breakfast conversation this morning. As I was in no condition to record more than this.......

As I tuned in to reality from my space out I hear Olivia saying "They will say 'Wow! You have cool tattoos!' Then I will say 'I sure do.' And then we will all play together" She looks at me and smiles pointing to her smudged Belle tattoo on her shoulder. I think to myself 'Coffee. Is it done yet? And breakfast what will I eat? Coffee first woman, then food.'

I get up and bring a mug of coffee to the table. As I sit down Olivia has begun a new topic. She is describing her "other family" and their house. I take a sip of my beverage and focus on the story teller in front of me.

Olivia: It's a big house with big trees and a play area. It's blue and there are no bathrooms.
Mommy: How do you go to the bathroom?
Olivia: We don't pee, I just live in town.
Mommy: I see. That sounds unique. What else?
Olivia: I don't play downstairs. The leprechauns live in the basement with the monsters.
Mommy: Oh. Are there any parents?
Olivia: My new mom and dad died a long time ago. They're dead. The Indians built them up like a mountain.

That comment woke me up. What the? Mountains and dead parents? I had to look at my mug and wonder what sort of coffee I was drinking.

Ok so now that needs to be explained. Ever since last month's trip to Ohio and the visit to the Mound Builders national park Olivia has been talking about Indians building people up like mountains. That connection took my husband to explain to me....I was so confused.....geez I missed that one. Since I can make sense out of the whole Mound Builders story line I'm not as worried about what she said.


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