Card maker

Leah has a card company in the making. She has become a little card factory with her rate of creation. Her interest in the creation of greeting cards for her friends and family is so great. I don't know where this idea came from and why she is driven to create so much but it's wonderful. Just last weekend she created a card for Daddy, Mommy and Olivia just because she loves us. We couldn't leave for the movie until she finished.

Awwww. How sweet.

She's getting better with every card made. More thoughtful each time. Since she's not using words in her cards (yet) she just draws each person a picture signifying how she feels about them. Lots of colorful tulips and vegetables for me. Butterflies and flowers for Olivia because she likes to be outside free to play. Swords for Daddy because he's tough.

The best part: She has discovered the fun of colored pencils and they are now her favorite. The markers have been put aside. Yeah! I think she'll like the colored pencils better, there are more ways to work with them to blend and shade. The little artist has emerged. How exciting.

I can't wait to see what she will draw next.


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