Gardening special

I spent most of the day Sunday in my front yard garden. I thought that if I went out right after church I could get the most out of the day. Yep. I tried to work during the peak of the heat, because darn it it had to be done. Except that I had to stop to prevent myself from getting heat exhaustion. After 3pm I picked up where I left off and worked for another 3 hours. For four years I have let the front garden pass as barely worked, letting the weeds and grass do their pathetic magic, we don't have a lot of yard to manage. We have endured one too many rains watching as our fresh topsoil (and grass) would wash away into the street. But no more. We terraced the garden. Take that heavy summer rains. This terrace thing should help reduce the runoff and add a bit of style to our boring front yard. Maybe I should plant rice or something. Nahhh. I think now I am satisfied with my front garden.


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