Pirate-y delicious

A new generation is being introduced to the wonders of Johnny Depp. Earlier this afternoon Daddy asked if the girls would like to go see the new Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest movie today. Of course the answer was "yes!", they love to go to the "movie house" and see a movie, and particularly this movie. Ever since they watched the first Pirates they were hooked. Olivia has been asking about when we would go see it for some time now. When she found out that a new movie was being made she was ready to watch.

But it was not this easy last year.

Before the Pirates of the Caribbean movies the girls were terrified of pirates. They only knew of their Daddy's version of what a pirate was supposed to be. He told them stories about his days of being a Captain on the Buccaneer Pirate Ship Ride at StoryLand. Daddy would chase them around the house going "Arrrrr! Walk the plank! Arrrrr!" and put them in the gallows (underneath the laundry baskets). Just an utter of an "Arrrr" would set the girls into a screaming panic. Isn't parenting fun?

After much convincing they agreed to watch the first movie with Mommy and Daddy. Turns out despite some of the scary parts they loved it. Captain Jack Sparrow became Olivia's new hero. She thinks he's the greatest thing. And Elizabeth became a big role model for the girls. A tough, sword fighting, beautiful woman that saves her friends. Olivia really likes pirates (Leah is almost indifferent) and their adventures, she incorporates this into her dress up play. She likes to pretend to be a pirate and typically will play the whole cast, using a wrapping paper tube for a sword.

But Jack is still her favorite. After the movie Daddy asked Olivia why she likes Captain Jack Sparrow. Olivia said "Because he has necklace hair." Perfectly stated by a 4 year old.


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