What would you do for an armoire?

How much is a good piece of furniture worth to you?

Me? I'm willing to get puked on to get a good piece of hand crafted furniture.

Yes, I know, I need to explain this one......

On Sunday Olivia came down with some sort of stomach flu. It started in church. She was fidgety, feeling "grumpy"and complaining of being tired. I noticed that she felt very warm. By the time we made it to the market for weekly groceries she was looking pretty bad. Bad enough for patrons to do a double take as they passed our cart. Her eyes were ringed with dark circles and she had a vacant sick look about her. Once home we gave her some Advil and she immediately went to sleep on the couch and slept for 2 hours. When she woke up I made her a breakfast sandwich, her request, and she seemed to be better. Her color returned and she was active. The fever was not present. Whew! It was just a freak fever thing.

Then we get a call from Uncle P F'Laker about a piece of furniture that Grandpa F'Laker made. Uncle P & Aunt M are moving out of their Cleveland Park apartment into a condo with several built-ins and will no longer need large furniture pieces. We agreed to take the furniture. Once there we found a spot to park just down the street (A-freaking-mazing) and that's when we noticed Olivia's fever was raging. She was HOT. We thought that because she had been napping with her blanket on that she was just overly warm. It's kinda hot out anyway. Sure keep thinking that you stupid mom.

As we approached the apartment building door Olivia's stomach revolted. She began to barf down my left shoulder coating my back and filling my purse (yes it was not zipped closed) with yucky-ness. Even my Tevas were covered. K-man took her off of me and with the professionalism of a frat-boy he helped Olivia barf in the bushes without getting any on her or him. I think it is remarkable how much stuff little kids can throw up, the volume will never cease to amaze me. I managed to scrape most of the junk off of me, my purse was in bad shape and had to be de-toxed at home. I was pretty grossed out. With the heat this was a bad scene.

I've never met Uncle P and here on my first introduction to him I'm covered in barf with a sickly child in tow. He arrived right after Olivia was done. Thankfully he is a true F'Laker and thought this to be funny, because what else could it be? Nothing like kids and puke to make a super first impression, right? We shared some more puke stories and other crazy things kids do. Parenting sure is a dirty job.

Anyhow the visit was nice I really like Uncle P and Aunt M. Olivia began to feel better and I was able to wash up before driving back home. The furniture was great, a beautiful maple corner cabinet and square coffee table.

It was totally worth getting barfed on.


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