Pizza and Cowgirls

When Daddy came home with the pizza he caught Olivia crusing down the sidewalk on her bike. She was at the top of the hill, pumped the pedals hard then propped up her feet below the handlebars. She raised one arm yelling "Ride 'em cowgirl! Pizza! Pizza!" as she barreled down toward the house. Peeled out and parked the bike, hardly letting it stop before she hopped off it, racing into the house to eat.

She was unsupervised playing in the front (Ok if you count Leah, she was being supervised. And I was in the kitchen, but only for a moment.)

She was wearing no helmet

She had on flip-flops

Yes, my children have a death wish.

So how's about a playdate at my house?


Helen said…
I'm game for a playdate. My kid will most likely bring markers and draw all over everybody's face, then run around with a pointy stick until she puts somebody's eye out. When should we get our precious angels together?
Yvonne said…
Hey, why not? So long as the markers are permanent and that instead of pointy sticks they use the sword collection.
Anonymous said…
Aflac kid

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