First grade

Leah made it through her first day of public school. I left work early to be home for her just in case. There was a bit of confusion for her afternoon ride. She will be going to an after schoool care program right next door to the pre-school she attended. The new arrangement was slightly overwhelming for her. When she saw me she began to cry. Her emotions overcame her and she let out all that angst that she carried with her all day. She was so small compared to the other kids there, it was scary, even I wanted to cry. The school part was good and even fun. She really likes her teacher and the school. Once she composed herself she was so excited to talk about the new school and all the great things she did. I was glad to hear her talk.

I am afraid for her. She is now really entering this scary world and will be influenced by people outside of mine and my husband's control. Her little mind will be exposed to the cruel world and that makes me a little sad. I pray that I can keep her childhood bliss going on as long as I can, growing up too fast is a concern for me.

Here's to enjoying being a kid.


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