Our wild yard

We have seen these critters:

The family of American toads that have been lurking in our yard all summer.
The small praying mantis male resting on the basil wednesday morning, becoming annoyed with me for watering the garden the same time he was seeking breakfast.
The hungry Eastern Gray squirrel, whose nest is in our tree and never seems to get enough of our veggies in the garden.
The House Wren another LBJ that is busy chirpping in the tulip tree.
The hundreds of Black-capped Chickadees that frequent the fence.
The House Finch in great numbers and occasionaly likes to become trapped in our house.
The downy woodpecker was browsing in the neighbors oak tree for some delcious insects.
The House Sparrow or Song Sparrows chatter all morning.
The Yellow-bellied sapsucker in the pines

The American goldfinch is a gorgous bird to see in your yard. So beautiful to see the bright yellow male finch, very remarkable the coloring patterns on this bird. It seems so out of place here, like it belongs in the tropics.

A scarlet tanager pair have found refuge in our back garden.

A pair of Northern Cardinals that sing to us.

The American Robin looking for worms.

The rowdy Blue Jays that always have someone to bully.

The quiet Mourning Doves that gladly gobble up any dropped seed.
The crazy American Crows waiting to eat garbage on trash days.

And maybe some of these:
redheaded woodpecker
red bellied woodpecker
carolina chickadee which looks ver much like the black-capped
ruby throated hummingbird
pine grosbeak
american tree sparrow
barn swallow


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