If only I were a pashmina

What the heck is a pashmina you ask? Glad you asked. It can be best described as a shawl or wrap. Rather a very luxourious one.

So what's the big deal?

It's just not any 'ol wrap. Not something a regular gal would wear. It's special due to the materials it is made from. Most people, fashon conscience people, know it is likely to be a blend of cashmere and silk. It could be any combo, but often a 50/50 mix. The distinctive blend of yarn produces a soft, strong yet supple lightweight wrap. (Cashmere refers to the fine wool from the undercoat of Kashmir goats, raised in the Himalayan range. Yep as in the Mt. Everest range area.)

So it's like a really expensive shawl that is like so totally cool and did I mention expensive, that you'll be all the rage daaaahhhling.

If I only had a pashmina.

I listened to a group of young ladies as they were discussing a girlfriend's plight on the way to class. The girl telling her sad story recounted how she allowed a family friend, living on the same dorm floor, to borrow her cell phone. The phone-borrower-girl "talked like 30 minutes" to family or whomever. When the phone borrower-girl returned the phone she says to the phone-owner-girl with the "if there's anything I can do for you..." line. The phone-owner-girl thought this to be nice and figured that she would ask for a return favor since the word 'anything' was used. Phone-owner-girl asks to use phone-borrower-girl's black pashmina for a party the following week. The phone-borrower-girl declines as gracefully as possible, indicating that she indeed would be wearing it to the same party. Essentailly she does not want to loan out something like a pashmina to another person and as it sounded tried to find ways to not let this garment leave arm's reach. So phone-owner-girl is pissed, thinking that this phone-borrower-girl is such a "rude, greedy snob". Considering that since their parents know each other there should be no reason for this phone-borrower-girl not to let phone-owner-girl use the pashmina.

Boo-hoo, here's a tissue little one.

Since her own spoiled nature was not catered she was upset. I wanted to tap her on the shoulder and say 'Get over yourself. She can return the favor as she chooses, or even if she chooses. You let her borrow the phone, during your free minutes time, to call her father/person. You were being nice, and that my dear is something people do without the intention of a recripical action. If you had made it clear beforehand that she needed to pony up something then I'd feel for you. Instead you're the "rude greedy snob" for expecting that you would get something for being a decent friend.' Then I'd grab her face like Mrs. Smith (Ricky's mom from Better Off Dead ) does to Monique and say 'Frriiennd. Frriiennd.'

Okay, so maybe that would be, umm, crazy? Good thing for that whole sense of reason thing I have.

I ask you, what would you do for a black pashmina?


Judith said…
Get my passport, learn key Hindi and Nepali phrases, take a trip to India to work with local tradespeople and export beautiful silk blend pashminas in my favorite colors back home :-).
Yvonne said…
Now that's a plan!

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