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One of the quirky things that my husband does involves the number of glasses placed at the supper table. This used to be an everyday issue, we have since come to an agreement, and this does not happen as often.

Not long ago nearly every time I would sit down to supper I would notice that I did not have a beverage. Just a minor problem, in the shuffle of getting the meal completed and children seated things can be forgotten. When I would ask about my drink he would say "Oh yeah here it is" and push the glass located next to his plate over to me. Then I would ask where his drink is and he would point to the glass in my hand. He has lovingly referred to this as the "communal cup" drink. I really thought this to be very strange and then I remember my mother in law telling me her own husband's drink issue. She told me that my father in law has the "not enough in the glass" problem. She will sit down at the supper table and be presented with a glass filled with the tiniest amount of beverage in it. After inquiring about perhaps getting a bit more, knowing that on a hot day she'll drink more than a glass partially filled, she will be told that if she needs more it will be given. Hmmmm.

So I can see that this is some sort of wacky trait for the F'laker men. If I were to have sons I wonder what their odd drink quirk would be?


Anonymous said…
Mike and I drink out of the same glass at home. We never do that out in public though.
Anonymous said…
Wife is a booze-hound. - Hub

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