Stuff I heard on campus today

A college boy on the shuttle talking to mom about the semester. Rattling off the standard classes are fine blah blah blah then on to the when is he going to be home for the holidays. Hearing him talk loudly as all cell phone users on the buses do to his mom. I loved hearing him trying graciously as possible to convey that he really wants space and isn't quite ready to confirm the coming home thing with good 'ol mom. And it sounded like he would be going to some relatives' home that he didn't like for Thanksgiving dinner. The look on his face as he hung up his phone and exhaled deeply said it all "Oh for the love of Pete my mom is really crazy, I wish she'd give some space."

I found myself off of the shuttle bus and walking towards my office only to discover another interesting conversation. Three tall fellas, ball players, walking to the gym for practice. These boys were discussing the various women they've been intimate with in graphic guy detail. It was pretty funny, considering that they think they are so grown up being with women and doing all sorts of sexual things. When really they haven't a clue. They are just boys trying to feel like men, grasping for that piece of manhood that no amount of one night stands can achieve.

But I found the most humor with women. Two women were talking about how a boyfriend has yet to change his myspace info to reflect the current relationship. The girl doing the talking is concerned that since he's keeping his profile labeled not attached or something that he's "like not serious about our relationship" and that "she's totally not sure what he wants or where this whole thing is going....I mean we've been seeing each other for almost a month." What the frick ever. I really had to keep the bursting out loud laughing to myself by this point.

Holy-all-that-is-time-wasted was that ridiculous. Not even a month and she's that obsessed with the stability of the relationship? Good grief. She's got some serious stalker issues checking this guy's myspace site for info/updates daily. (actually the way she talked I bet it's more frequent.) I know people want love and look for it desperately, I was young and dating once. But geez, lady come on. Get some self worth and stop following behind this guy like a pathetic starstruck groupie. And don't over analyze. Guys (and this guy it sounds) will not post in public view that they are in a serious relationship after a few weeks of casual dates. Well, unless they are ready to take that GIANT step.....and sweetie, at 22 and only a few dates with him, I'm just not seeing that for ya, ok? So step away from the myspace, open your eyes and date some other guys. You'll find your Mr. Serious relationship guy soon enough.

ok so that's my little I must-laugh-because-I-can't-believe-how-nuts-people-are rant sharing.


Helen said…
I loved this. I've heard a lot of the same conversations. When I was 18-22, I was probably having these conversations and was dead serious about them, but twenty years later, now I can listen to them and laugh. Ain't it ridiculous what folks get so wrapped up in? Of course, if anybody were to listen to me today, they'd hear me obsess about diapers and preschools.

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