Kitty Hawk

Our arrival in to town last night was after 10pm. An absolute bummer since we left DC at 2pm. What a drag DC traffic is. We have absolute no confidence in being able to vacate the city in any emergency. And if it were to happen to fall on a Friday then we're all screwed. Due to our excessively long drive down we were a little slow this morning. So we slept in and nearly missed the free breakfast spread. Daddy rushed the girls down to eat and I followed quickly after. We ate breakfast fast, there was a beach calling us to play, and that we had to check out. With coffee in hand we walked to the beach which was about 200 steps from our hotel room. What a perfect morning it was. The girls ran around and rolled in the sand. It was wonderful to take in the sight. We headed back to the room to get ready for the day.

Today's activity is a visit to the site of the first manned flight. Wright Brothers National Memorial park is located a few blocks away from our hotel, yet still we had to drive on over. Too bad we didn't bring our bikes because this place was perfect for riding. There are tons of paths to cruise around on. We arrived shortly after the gates opened and started with the visitor's center.

We have a National Parks annual pass as well as the parks passport book. The DC area has tons of National Parks to frequent it so much more cost effective to buy the annual pass than to pay for the individual entrance fees. We have been working on the passport for a few years now and it's loaded with some great stamps. The girls really like to stamp the book, and my hand and the counter and each other.......

I wandered around the museum, a little irked. Because I grew up in Dayton, Ohio I am bothered by NC claiming the Wright brothers as their pride and joy. There was, I will admit, some information about the Wrights being from Dayton, yet not enough in my opinion. Oh for Pete's sake my grandmother grew up in the same neighborhood as the Wright family. In fact as a child my great uncles and grandmother delivered a newspaper to the Wright family house, so as you can see, I'm a little partial. Despite my irritation I was glad to see everything in the displays. It was comforting.

While Daddy and Leah listened to the talk I spent a good deal of time in the restroom with Olivia. Her tummy hurt, which means she has to make a bm. Long time later no production. By this time Daddy and Leah were looking at the flight path. Somewhere between this point and 10 minutes later Olivia managed to pass that bm in her undies. Good times. We rushed back to the hotel showered Olivia and put clean clothes on her. She must have eaten something at breakfast that did not agree with her. With kids everything is unpredictable.

Since we really didn't finish looking at everything like the monument and flight path we decided to head back after some lunch. We ate a little pizza and ice cream joint, owned by a Russian family. Very good food, lots of garlic, perfect crust. All around super yummy. Filled and ready for fun we returned the the monument. This time we checked out the flight path. Before walking up the hill to the monument we took some time to fly a kite on the grounds. Oh boy did we have fun doing that. Daddy didn't know what "an expert kite flier" Mommy is until today. After flying that kite I can see why the Wrights would want to be here to test their flying machine. You hardly have to try the kite goes up with such ease. The girls were more interested in running around than flying the kite. That's ok us grown-ups had more time for the fun.


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