On Sunday we woke up early to head south along 12 to seek out some outer banks lighthouses. It was a fun trip along the coast. We stopped at Bodie Island light house and then the well known Cape Hatteras lighthouse. We grabbed a bite to eat at Wahini's Surf Grill. They have the best crab cake sandwich and tuna steak sandwich. Our server is from Cincinnati, what a small world. He was pretty cool. After lunch we drove north on 12 to find a nice beach to play at before the long drive home. We found a good spot and spent 2 hours playing in the sand.


Anonymous said…
You got to visit my lighthouse, well actually not mine but, I lived in North Carolina several years ago, I am one person that can say I saw that beautiful lighthouse in two different places, before they moved it inland it was on the shore, the first floor was 3/4 covered by sand and ocean water. I was so happy to see it again in 2004. I'll have to see if I can find it and send you a copy.


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