We had a busy weekend. On Saturday we went to a fun Halloween party at their house. Let me tell you how great that was. First Judith and Eric are the neatest hosts and their gatherings are such a treat. I was certainly wowed, as always, Judith is quite crafty. And dang it I left the camera at home. Second I would have loved to show y'all the awesome decorations......And Food! We were stuffed silly. You can't even describe how good the food was....Keith loves ribs and I'm uhhh, not really good at making them. And third I loved how fun the girls had and excited they were to be there.

Best of all was meeting Ellie. She sure is a nice gal. I really miss having dogs. I hope the girls didn't frighten her too much. I know Leah was smitten. She talked the whole way home about what a great dog Ellie is. And that she'd like a dog to be a "cute and cuddly" as Ellie. Olivia thought Ellie's scarf was cool.

We can't wait to go back and visit them all! And her garden looks great. I look forward to the next season to see what it looks like with the new arrangement. See I am such a garden dork.

Okay so we had the no fun open house on Sunday. What a dud. No one stopped by. What crap. I hate cleaning so much for zippo on the traffic. I just hope this ends soon. I am hating the Martha Stewart life. At least she has a staff.


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