Dune scarf

Yep. Another scarf. I began this one in the waiting room at my OB/GYN's office the Friday before last. I thank myself for bringing my knitting bag along. I believe that I was waiting for about and hour or more, so that was just perfect quiet time to be busy, knitting in my waiting room hell. You know, I really find it bothersome sitting in the OB/GYN's waiting room. That office, or rather any in this line of medicine has to be the busiest wackiest somber place. It should be a positive thing right? Being pregnant should be a blessing, there are plenty of people on this planet that would give so much for that chance to create a healthy child. The pregnant ladies that day were not looking too happy. Every freakin' one of them had the look of "it's the end of the world" on their faces. Not one of them looked ill, or like they were experiencing a difficult pregnancy, or seemed high risk. I was baffled by this negativity. My doctor is one of the best in the area and I can't see why these ladies emit this negative energy. Perhaps it's just the being pregnant they dislike.

Anyhow to find relief I started this nifty scarf. I used US 17 Pony needles and Trendsetter Yarns in Dune number 39 Purple/Frost/Blue. I thought this would be a fun yarn to use and it sure was a good one. I like the big 'ol needles. That makes your project go so fast. I wanted to have a mesh like look to the scarf (I don't quite have the skills to do real mesh work- yet) and make it big without being bulky. With the sparkly yarn I think letting it be airy really shows off those sparkles. I was able to knit most of it waiting. I completed it at home that night. I used the whole skein, no waste here.

And now the cat likes to sleep on it.


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