Fall Lizards

So what happens when you release a non-native animal in your backyard? Well....it either finds a friend or reproduces. We're not sure. I saw these guys on the fence and the little one I noticed first. I thought it was our FL export, looking pretty sad and not so big for having the summer to eat and be happy. Then I looked right and saw the big fatty FL lizard. Leah still calls it Rainbowie. So what happened? Did it procreate or did it find a buddy? Who knows. Most likely they'll die this winter unless they burrow under ground and we have another mild winter. Still we find it funny that the little fatty escaped only to be not 4 feet from our back door. The whole summer we would see it lurking about on the fence. I'm kinda glad it has a buddy at least it's not alone.
Note: I took these pictures 2 weeks ago and failed to write. There has not been any recent sightings as the fall cool temps have been the norm.


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