Freedom at last

While preparing for the get the girls off to school routine Olivia said to me that if she drank a lot of "ater-gade" she'd turn into a cat. She was chugging the last drops of her very large glass. I nodded and said "That's nice dear," like the good Mother I am and proceeded to pack Leah's lunch.

Soon after she dropped her glass into the sink and asked me "Mommy, what would happen if you turned into a cat?"

I replied "If Mommy were to be turned into a cat there would be lots of trouble at the F'Laker house." I then said "What would you do if I turned into a cat?"

To which Leah says "I'd say 'we're free! we're free!'" as she danced around the living room arms above her head giggling and chanting her cheer.

Ahh-ha. She is learning.


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