Skinny silk scarf

What does silk and sparkly mohair make? Well if it's in a lovely blue then it makes a skinny scarf for me. I made this scarf with Silk Rhapsody Silver Glitz yarn by Art Yarns. It consists of two strands one 100% silk strand and another 70% kid mohair/30% silk strand. This by far is the fanciest yarn I have bought. When I noticed this yarn on the shelf at my local yarn store I was smitten. Oooh how pretty it was sitting there in its lovely hank. I had to touch it and I swear I wandered around that store 5 times each time touching this yarn before I swallowed hard and tossed it in my basket. It is so nice to knit with gliding gently along the fingers. I knitted it using US 10 Pony needles to make this scarf light and airy. I wanted a gentle scarf to wear anytime. Good news is there is plenty yarn remaining for another scarf, or something else small and simple. Most likely another scarf. I am digging the skinny light scarves. This scarf took me collectively only a few hours spread over about a two week period of time. I had issues with the strands separating and causing problems. This yarn requires lots of patience otherwise your project will not end up as desired. For as much as I couldn't wait to use this yarn, its little separation problem left me wanting to break from the hassle. I am very pleased with the result.


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