Antiem 1844: Stan and Grace marry

A past co-worker's son Stan got married and I was pleased to enjoy the celebration. I saw some old work friends and had a fantastic time. Good food, fun times and lovely company. The highlight was the Best Man's speech. After the maid and matron of honor gave their speeches it was time for the Best Man to say a few words. John (the older identical twin) provided everyone with a string of good laughs.

"I have a High School story too. You may not know this but Stan and I used to trade classes in High School all the time and we just pulled off the biggest switch-a-roo! I hate to tell you this Grace, but you just married John. " The whole place erupted into a hysterical laughter. Once the laughing settles John continued:

"All kidding aside. You married Stan....but are you sure?" There was some more laughing and both bride and groom were blushing.

"So I met Stan in the womb.....about 30 years ago. I think I kicked him in the stomach and then he twisted my knee and it's been like that ever since. So going back to another High School story. One day we were driving home from school when Stan looks over at me and says 'Hey you want to come over to my house and hang out for a while?'" Everyone laughs again. Stan has his head hung low shaking it back and forth.

"So you may not be getting the best looking or smartest twin but you certainly got the most loving. Here's to love and your marriage."

I never heard such a great speech. I think that was worth the long drive up there.


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