Hold tight

I'm knitting loads of things for people. Yep I am crazy to think this will all get done before Christmas. Darn it I'm gonna try. So I'm gonna be busy and stuff. For a while.

I have a birthday party this weekend and then a wedding next weekend. I need to get that wedding gift Saturday and wrap it. Getting and trimming the tree will be done this weekend....if it snows. And there's this business of putting together a gingerbread house too. Maybe that can be done on Sunday.

There are crafty gifts for loved ones that need to be made by the girls (me) and sent out to the appropriate corners of the country. We'll have to get started on that this weekend. Need plenty of glue drying time. And think of the glitter. Need time to glitter things. And the wrapping of all gifts. I am doing it as they are bought. That will prevent any late night wrapping later on....

Cookies need to be made, likely the weekend before Christmas, I'm just not that in to devoting freezer space to loads of cookies. They'd get eaten anyway.

Oh the cards! I need to do that tonight. Not making them by hand this year, I broke down and bought some from church and then at Target. Then off to the post office for stamps.

And I have to order some more gifts. I'm digging the online shopping. I've done more this year than ever before.

click click click there I go


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