A Merry Brunch

I spent a wonderful morning brunching with my dear friend Angee and a previous co-worker Hank today. We met in Falls Church at the Ireland's Four Provences. I have never been to this restaurant before and Angee was correct it was fabulous. Nestled next to the Christmas tree we ate and ate and ate. There was some coffee involved and plenty of desserts. I never had bread pudding that good before. After the fooding we exchanged presents. Angee really finds neat-o stuff. I have wanted a window sill herb garden kit and bam there she comes with one. And the Mr. Bean book is going to be a fun read. That character is one of my favorites. I made her a little scarf and gave her some note cards. And of course candy cane reindeer.

I realized how much I missed hanging out with her. I'm gonna need to work on that whole getting out with friends thing this year. We mentioned that making this birthday brunch gathering a tradition. What a great idea. The next round will be in May and I'm looking forward to it.


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