I woke up to the rustling noise of my dearest Olivia in her room. She was rummaging around in her dress up clothes bin. Starting the weekend with her morning princess ensemble I assumed. She always plays dress up on the weekends, knowing that she will not be forced to wear clothes. I groggily walked to the shower and woke my sleepy head. I showered and thought of my day's tasks and random Mom to-do crap. As I was dressing there was a tiny knock on our door. In response to the slight knock Olivia made at the door my husband says " Who's that at the door?" Being his playful Daddy self, this is his standard question for any time the girls charged into the room. Olivia rolls into our doorway wearing her latest look. She didn't say a thing. She quietly stood in the doorway and stared at me.

There she was in her pink ballerina tutu dress, flashy pink high heel shoes, pink crown, metallic pink handbag and pink teddy bear. Her blond hair, still messy from sleeping, added incredible volume to its natural straightness as it fell around her face. Her little pouty lips (naturally inherited from momma) were coated in pink lipstick. (Where did she get that?) She was, (I swear) posed in the most innocent (I might add) little girl seductiveness.

Enter the moment of mental shock. Premonitions of what to come were filling my head. Dear me I am in for the ride from hell in 8 years from now.

Not even thinking I said "Oh honey look. Our little hooker is a awake".

Daddy didn't think that comment was funny, but then he saw her, and well, there was laughing involved. There are reasons why the dress up play remains an in the house activity.


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