Library support staff debate

There should not be a separation between the staff based on the degree-ness of one's profession. Why is there a need for this stars upon thars mentality in libraries? Yeah yeah yeah we know that you worked hard and paid much for your lovely MLS title; However, there's no need to assume that with that degree you are entitled to treat your coworkers poorly or that you will do your job better. I find that if you would simply provide mentorship to those without that maybe you can contribute the team building within your organization. Or better yet inspire others to join in the profession. If all the stats are true those retiring from the profession will need to be replaced within the next 10 years. And how I see it our best bet is to encourage the support staff to consider the MLS as a career goal.

I have discovered that there are several people that really want to get their MLS but have other things going on in their personal lives that are delaying that option. I am certain that I will not feel entitled to insult my coworkers. Nor will I treat those without as unimportant or unqualified to work in a library. I am not a star belly Sneetch.


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