Not so easy

I finally broke out the Easy Bake Oven for the girls to play little baking homemakers with. They have been asking me every day since Christmas to open it up and begin making the treats. I thought it was going to be easy as in the name right? Nope. This does require adult involvement. Lots of it. So if you buy this for your daughters (or little girls you know) please know that you are enslaving yourself (or the parent) to the doom of having to play with this too. Sure this could be a great bonding moment between mother and daughters except that this cake-like thing it makes it the nastiest thing to eat. I'd much rather pull out the big girl toys and make some real hard core bitchin' desserts than this over-processed-disgusting-wishes-it-could-be-considered-a-food cakes. They had no interest in the mixing of the batter or icing or the putting of it in a pan. They liked the shoving the pans into the oven and pulling them out. Icing the cake had to be done by me. But the decorating. Oh the decorating it what they really wanted to do. Shoot. I'd rather buy a box mix make it together and let them decorate it. At least then they'd learn how to use a real kitchen.


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