Last night I was given a fantastic surprise. While I sat near the fire watching tv thinking 'Dang I really should be knitting instead of watching tv' I received a call from our friends down the lane. A quick moment later they were here with a very large bag of organic tulips to share. Thanks to the book promotion for Flower Confidential by Amy Stewart. They were so beautiful. There were several colors and wow. Just wow. I agreed to help take a few bunches off of their hands, you know, that's how I help my friends. I put them in water and in this morning I put them in a vase. I often put flowers on the dining room table but, see I have a cat, and well, she'll try to drink water out of ANYTHING. Even a vase filled with flowers. I have had one too many vases broken and flowers damaged. Nope, not this time. These beauties are going on the mantel out of cat range. And you know, they do look great there. Ahhh such pretty little tulips. I think that I am experiencing flower happy. Do you blame me?

Thanks A & R you sure are the niftiest neighbors ever!


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