Presidential thoughts

President's Day cannot be celebrated without presidential accomplishments. So I give you my list of decisions-actions-achievements for today.

I woke up. On a cold day like this with no work to attend, that my friends, is a difficult luxury to overcome.

I fed the children because, well, they get to eat on Mondays regardless of holiday status. *

Washed an unreasonable amount of laundry. The folding part has yet to be fully achieved.

Made all 3 beds with freshly washed bedclothes. It all looks so Martha perfect.

Drank a pot of coffee.

Watched the little birdies eat the seed thrown out in the yard. I noticed how effective the local bruiser squirrel has managed to terrify the birdies when he wants to eat the seed first.

Put away the folded clothes. Oh how I hate putting away clothes.

Solved the "we don't have any more socks" mystery. Almost every one's socks were in the shopping sack labeled "Onesies" and I have since matched them all and they will be able to sleep in their respective sock drawers in peace until the next 2 dozen loads of laundry separates them.

Managed to super glue my fingers together as well as to the pink belt I was fixing. I did repair the broken horse leg prior to gluing myself together. The belt is now bejeweled again. I will wait for the 4 year old fingers to pry off the pink jewels to repeat this process again.

Saved 4 year old from the flood of books spilling out of the corner hutch in living room. They remain in a pile on the floor until tonight.

Remarked how I need to work on the non-profit books yet kept the pile untouched. It has, I might add, been in proximity to me most of the day. So as to say "Hey you, lazy, insane, woman, you still need to take care of this mess you volunteered to take on." Yeah I'll get to that later.

Painted little fingernails pink. Have since scouted out the house to ensure nail polish did not make it onto furniture or walls.

Cursed the sugar ants that have been slowly creeping back into my house to escape from the bitter cold. No worry, those mofos will be subjected to chemical warfare in a few hour's time when the bug guy comes for his visit.

Partied like it's 1999. Prince is never a bad thing to blast.

Thought about washing the windows. Was I serious?

Put a cleaning plan together to attack the germ terrorists living in the bathroom and kitchen. The implementation failed as funding was not fulfilled.

Knitted a little bit. Learning, that by starting a new project, one that I have no ability to complete, is rather foolish. Alas I will still move forward because that is how stubborn I am.

Affirmed my belief that Billy Joel's music is not something I'll ever like.

Replaced the living room furnace air intake filter. That deserves a cookie.

Remembered that Lent is approaching. And I must eat as much chocolate as possible for the next day since it will be 40 days until I can enjoy its taste again.

Baked a loaf of bread. Made meatloaf.

Burned some old bills in the fireplace. Nothing like laughing as the bills go up in a carbon release.

Cleaned up a broken wine glass. It was thankfully drained so no real harm done. Just a wasted buzz devoted to cleaning the floor.

*okay before the child protective services are sent to my home that was a joke.


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