Surprising sNOw

Well I expect there are several folks in the DC area that are a bit upset with the result of today's weather. A winter snow storm passed through and left behind a wet heavy 3+ inches of snow. I rather enjoy the snow as does the rest of the family. We like winter and this was a fantastic surprise. I fully expected to see more rain than snow. The girls spent a good deal of time outside and the parents were happily shoveling around.

We got a fire going and that is a pleasant addition to a snowy day. Even the kitty likes the snowy days. For her the highlight is keeping warm by the fire and watching the birdies forage for seed in the snow. We had quite a load of visitors pass by, I counted 4 pairs of cardinals, and of course the Mourning doves were here too.

I was able to get a few rows on that sweater going. I think this will take me some time as the size of this project is the largest thus far. I will be very proud of myself once it's complete.

It was a good day.


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