His feet, Her Feet, feet, feet, feet

When your feet are nearly as large as your husband's there's bound to be some sock confusion. We do not wear the same size, but my feet are huge compared to other women of my height, I shoulda been taller. (That's my theory so let me live in bliss, okay?) For instance I have to buy VERY different athletic socks for the each of us otherwise we'll never know whose is whose. All my sweat socks have become his as I have given up tying to figure out which ones are mine. Hold it right there, yes I am aware of ways to keep them together in the wash and such, and let me tell you something about me.


Lazy about the washing. Lazy about the folding. Lazy about the putting away.

Yep I am. And Hubby too. We are not inclined to do the pinning together of socks or stuffing them into sacks or any other bright idea to keep our socks together. We operate on the toss it in a big pile and separate colors. Shove it in the washer and then dryer and maybe fold it before we need to wear it. Nothing fancy here. Too many steps would only prevent our laundry from getting done. That color thing is already an issue.

So as I was saying. I noticed that the pair of black trouser socks I thought were lost in the dryer-land were on his feet. I pointed out that those appear to be my trouser socks on his feet. And he says. "That would explain why they felt a little snug. I thought I was getting fat feet."


Judith said…
That's another thing our hubbies have in common. Don't tell Eric that I told you, but he wears my socks too. Well...except for the pink ones...

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