How I make supper for the family

First go to the store, with only a general idea of what to make for supper, and buy a bunch of food. Next after paying for the food and getting it all home and put away realize that you left the sack with the fish in it at the store. Get back in the car go get the kids stop by the store and get your bag of fish that is still bagged up in checkout line and come home again. Figure out a new time table for the meal.

Turn on the oven. Thaw out the fish. Place frozen berries in colander to thaw for the pie. Make yourself a mojito. Make pie crust and then let chill a moment.

Find 3 good recipes for the casserole you want to make, macaroni and cheese, waste too much time rediscovering other things you'd much rather eat. Decide that given the three recipes you have you are missing one or two ingredients from each so you'll just make up your own version of the recipe using what you have. Keep looking through vegetarian cookbooks moving the cat off of each of them as you try to read through the furry assistant.

Make the mac 'n cheese. Then move on to the other parts of the meal. Answer your clients' questions about the menu. Listen to all the complaints from your clients about the not liking the fish for dinner idea you have. Decide to tell everyone you're making "chicken" and move forward as planned.

Chop all the veggies. Prep pan and saute using Wegman's basting oil. Pull out the macaroni and cheese, let cool on the counter. Slice tomato. Put "chicken" in pan with a little Wegman's basting oil top with tomato and poach it gently. Make yourself another mojito. Remove veggies from the saute pan. By now the mac 'n cheese is no longer volcanic hot and is more like a reasonable tongue burning hot. Perfect to serve. Make pie. Put it in the oven. Set table. Bring baguette and butter to the table. Microwave frozen peas. Drain them. Call in the clients. Say a prayer. Serve them with a smile. Insist that you are serving "chicken"for supper, it's just a different kind, you know, imported. Enjoy your meal.

Then clean up the mess. Pie is ready by now. Set it on the counter to cool.


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