Jamestown is a very interesting place to visit. To see the site where Cap'n John Smith and the rest landed and began their American life made me think of how terrifying it must have been. It was not an easy life for those settlers and most died during those first 5 years.

To see the remains of the buildings was eye opening. There were 2 row houses in the settlement that housed several families, the majority of the settlement. All of these people were living in spaces the size of most people's bedrooms. There were other homes too, mostly of the skilled tradesmen and dignitaries, but their homes were not much larger. Being a very modern girl I noticed the BIG difference in the size of dwellings then compared to now. It is remarkable to see how small of a living space they had. In today's US society we bitch about how small our homes are and build these massive places to live (me included) and it was evident at that moment as I stood in that row house how much has changed in America.

Before we left Jamestown we stopped at the Glass House to watch the glass blowing. That is a skill I'd like to learn. Wow is that fascinating. We watched for a good long time. Even the girls were excited to see the pitcher being created. I think it is incredible how humans have discovered how to create such beauty out of the natural resources on this planet. The three people there working the glass were making mostly pitchers and took turns doing different parts. I selected a cobalt blue pitcher and juice glass to add to my glassware collection. There were many other pretty glass wares there that would make fantastic gifts. Still I'd like to learn this skill.

Instead of going home and ending the fun we opted to head down to Virginia Beach for the night. We'll hang out there a little bit tomorrow before going home. As we drove south I began calling all the hotels to secure us a room for the night. Of course all were booked full by 2pm on a Saturday. I did manage to find one place with loads of vacancies.....we understood why after we got to the room. It was like camping inside. So the room was not the best and the tv emitted this shrill humm but they had wifi. Go figure.

We cruised the beach before supper and the girls rolled around in the sand. Since the warm weather of the day was coming to an end the beach became quickly chilly. Once that sun set brrr. Pizza was the choice for dinner tonight. We found a neat place and ate well. There's more basketball to watch so I'm gonna do that now.

Tomorrow's plan is: Church then beach then lunch then home.


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