Journal Bear entry

Journal Bear's entry* as written by Keith:

Hello class,

I visited Olivia's house today. But first we walked through the snow and tried to sled, but it got too cold out there and there really was not a lot of snow. We went inside and warmed our toes up by the fire. Before supper we pretended to make cupcakes. Soon supper was ready! After eating we listened to the music and story of Peter and the Wolf. We heard all the sounds and acted out each character. My favorite was the cat. Olivia liked to be the wolf and chased us around until Peter caught Olivia-wolf and put her in the zoo. Soon it was bath time. While Olivia took a bath I decided to hide so that no one could find me. It took a while before Olivia found me. Dad gave us a ride to bed. We had a seashell ride, where the waves wash us back and forth on the sand until we reach bed. We snuggled tight in bed for a good night's rest.

Peace- Journal Bear

*This is part of an on going activity at the pre-school. The stuffed bear and its journal come home with a student and Journal Bear records the daily events in that family's life. It is read out loud in class during circle time. This proves to be a rather exciting part of the morning in class. We try to write something fun, and, well it usually ends up being fun because we're that kind of family.


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