My fave knitting accessory: working bags

There are many things I like and enjoy using in my knitting projects but after thinking about the one thing, the one thing I use the most save needles and fiber it is plastic freezer bags. They are my favorite inexpensive knitting accessory. I like to call them my working bags.

I have a nice knitting sack that I take my projects to and from work, vacations, or really anywhere with me. It's a perfect size, light to carry and suits my need except that it is not waterproof and not organized. I had to find something to protect all that hard work and keep it together. And for that reason I turned to gallon sized plastic (zipper sealed) freezer bags. I like the freezer bags because they are more durable than the storage variety, they resist pokes from my needles and are less likely to bust seams. The gallon size is large enough to put my patterns, needles, measuring tape, hooks, yarn and the project inside and still have room to seal closed. I often use storage bags to stash my extra yarn in my knitting sack. And the big plus is that I can just grab the working bag and take my project with me for an ultra-light knitting bag. A girl has got to have her purse and sometimes a knitting bag and purse are too much.

Okay recap. My favorite knitting accessory is gallon sized zipper sealed freezer bags.

1. They're waterproof
2. They're able to keep stinky smells from affecting my yarn
3. They're large enough to put my project, pattern, etc. inside; keeps it together
4. They're light yet durable; needles poke through less often
5. They're economical
6. I can label the bag and know what project it is if I have to set it aside.
7. When the project is done (and if it's a small enough project) the bag doubles as a protective pouch for sending to recipients in a care package
8. Airport friendly!


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