South for the weekend

We were on a long weekend trip this past weekend. South we went to the depths of Virginia's past. The real reason was for the Mister to interview some students at W&Mfor his firm. The firm is seeking students to work for the summer and is trying to recruit people outside of the DC area. Keith's obligation was bound to Friday morning only. Once that important part was over we were left with the rest of the weekend to enjoy seeing sights of the region.

There was no real plan, we usually have a plan, just not this time. After a great breakfast at the local pancake place we set off to drop off Keith at W&M. I fully expected to return to the hotel and wait until he was finished and then we'd think of something to do as a family. We dropped him in front of the law school and drove around Williamsburg and well, it was so pretty outside and there was so much to see, I just couldn't go back inside and wait. Since he was tied up with the interviews all morning we girls set out to explore Colonial Williamsburg. I drove around searching for a place to park. Of course there are 100s of NO PARKING signs all over. And then there are plenty of the 1hour only spots and it was very tempting to just pay for a garage spot but considering it would be about 3 hours for us to wait I figured out where to park for free. I located the public library and there you can park for 2 hours! Ah-ha! Yes libraries! Oh how I love thee!

With the day being so early there were loads of spots. I parked and we piled out. The girls were happy to run around on the lawn in front of the fountain. Once I got my bearings we began to head to town. I had no real mission except to hit the shopping areas to save my husband from the pain of me wanting to see the stores. Everything opens after 9am so we had to cruise around until then. We walked to the church on Duke of Glouchester road and looked at all sorts of things. I made a point to look at the garden and check out the the plants. Then we talked to some of the locals and learned about the best place to see lambs.

We made our way back to the stores to visit some nice shops. The girls picked out baby bunnies at the toy store and then lolly pops at the candy store. By this time we were nearing the end of our parking limit and we walked back to the library. I wasn't ready to leave yet and we had at least another hour before Keith would be done. I figured that if I were near the car I at least could push the length of our free parking by showing that we indeed are using the library grounds. Once back to the car the once empty lot was full. I didn't see any one marking cars or looking to ticket anyone. I suspect that during the peak times of the season this luxury of 2+ hours of free parking will no longer be available. The day had become hot and we were in need of drinks. Yay me for bringing drinks! We relaxed near the fountain and enjoyed the sunshine. I pulled out my knitting and the girls played in the grass with their bunnies.

We drove around a bit before Keith was done, still that fascinated with the city. I dropped off some letters at the Post Office and we watched some kids at the school playground. Once he called us we picked him up and back to the hotel we went. Ate a quick lunch and he changed. Back we went to Williamsburg. We walked around seeing everything that was available for free. I would have liked to seen more of the interactive parts but the girls were not in the mood to sit still and be quiet. The day became hot and the dummies we are we forgot to bring water. We walked back to town to get a snack. We stopped at The Cheese Shop Cafe and bought water, cheese, crackers, wine and beer. The parents got a little toasty, maybe too toasty, needed to rest on the ground toasty. There was an hour of us enjoying a rest laying on the Governor's lawn. Yes, yes I am that classy. Once we were capable of walking unnoticed we continued our tour of Williamsburg. As the day came to a close we struggled back to the parking lot. We were hot, thirsty and tired from walking all day. And even a little hungry.

Earlier in the day Keith found a brochure for Captain George's Seafood Buffet and that's where we went for supper. However there were some map issues and something having to do with taking a road to nowhere. In the end we found our way to the restaurant. Great food. Lots of food. I wish I could have been able to eat more. Our servers were wonderful. Very attentive and I can say that this place really focuses on customer service. The real evidence to this was demonstrated on our exit. Olivia found a flower in the fruit bowl on her first trip to the buffet and was very pleased to have it decorate her plate while she ate. Leah had one too but once the server said it was edible she chomped it down. Stating "I've had grass that tasted better." That comment left me and Keith wondering what our eldest child does in her free time. To continue the service story so on the way out Olivia had a broken flower meltdown. She set the flower on her cup and began walking it fell to the ground where it was crushed by my foot. Ooops. She freaked out and threw a fit. We quickly exited the place to draw the least amount of attention to our overly tired 4 year old. Thankfully the fit was pacified by the management. The manager must have seen what happened and then followed us to the parking lot just to give her another flower. Now that my friends is the difference between service and excellent service. I recommend this place if you dig seafood, lots of seafood and are in the Williamsburg area.

Now I'm going to watch some NCAA b-ball.


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