Vahhh Beach

Well the warm weather did not remain with us for today. We had a much windier cooler day than yesterday. Still the sun shone and we were at the beach. This morning's mass was nice. I do like the Parrish here. For a fun family activity we rented one of those big car-like bikes. That was a lot of fun and a lot of work. I do not see a future in being a bike taxi for me. The girls sat up front and were able to get a good view of everything while mom and dad huffed and puffed our way along the boardwalk. We thought that maybe if the bikes were equipped with gears and were given tune ups that it would not be nearly as difficult to motor around on them. Daddy was getting ideas about buying one for the family as a grocery getter. Hmm. Maybe if the store was closer. Fortunately we were able to park our car-bike and break as needed. As we allowed our legs to rest the girls were happy to play in the sand and make us sand cakes. How sweet. After a quick lunch at an very new coffee shop deli we sat on the beach a bit more and watch the many flag football games going on along the beach. I think that if we had stayed out there much longer after that we may have become frozen. That cool wind was getting colder as the day went on and our cue to head home.

It's always no fun to leave.


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