Weekend review

Forced the husband to write something in the greeting cards I am mailing out to friends and family. Including the thank you card to our NY friends he crashed with during his business trip. I began addressing another set of greeting cards for the Easter holiday.

I brushed the cat and attempted to trim her nails. She proved to be way more mean than expected. I'll try again later.

Helped husband polish the wood floors. This means that I pointed out the spots he missed. I focused on dusting our furniture. He then cleaned the bathroom. A nice guy he is. I sorted the laundry because the washer is still broken and I figure next weekend will be another laundromat fun filled event.

We all went to the toy store to get Olivia a new bike. She broke the pedal off and it has gotten to the point of being broken off one too many times to reasonably fix. She got the next size up in blue. And after Daddy spent time putting it together she was pleased with the new bike.

We also selected a gift for a friend's party later this month. I am ahead of the game this time.

Performed hours long litter clean up along a busy roadway. For no reason other than we are sick of seeing all that trash along the roadway. Think we'll do this more often.

Walked to the playground. Shot some hoops, swung on swings, watched girls have fun. I still can shoot hoops rather well.


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