Baskets chocolate and tears

Olivia woke first to discover the green egg on her floor left behind by the Easter Bunny. She happily woke Mama and Dadda to tell us the good news. Once dressed she made her way downstairs where upon finding her basket she began filling it with eggs. Olivia soon discovered that her basket was indeed not hers but Mama's and Dadda's. There was some crying following that horrible news. However at this point it was told that the Easter Bunny hides only the children's baskets so alas hers was yet to be found. She presumed that she had none. Now that is a sad thought.

Leah was awake and dressed by now and also searching for her basket. She returned to report her progress about every 5 minutes. Soon her tears began. The girls searched in vain all over the house. After a quiet somber breakfast the searching continued. Our resident expert basket finder, Dadda, provided some good hints and strategy. Leah's frustration continued and she began to cry. Both wanted to find their baskets before mass this morning and time was ticking away. Dadda gave each a super good hint and lo how the baskets appeared. The Bunny left a good assortment of treats. Both were pleased to be successful in their hunt.

Dadda began the egg hunt panic as he clutched his basket and dashed around the house snatching up the eggs he found. The girls scrambled to gather as many as they could knowing how Dadda can be fast. It was a sight to behold. Watching a very goofy Dadda marching about the house making all sorts of noises. Even the cat knew it was time to take cover.

Before brunch we attempted the use or our camera's timer to get a few pictures. The lack of flash left all of the best ones too dark and in need of editing. (Maybe for view later.) So the only one that was worth seeing was, well, reflective of the real us. Our brunch of huevos rancheros and pancakes kept our bellies full until supper. Olivia even ate one of the many colored eggs. There were the occasional pieces of chocolate that disappeared from unattended baskets but we won't tell. Leah finished her poster project. She is the student of the week and needs to create a poster about her. I think it turned out beautiful. You can't go wrong with glue, glitter and jewels. Dadda spent time on the hunt for Star Wars Legos. He has been bidding like mad on a couple few things I sure hope he finds something good. His bucket of Legos at Grandma & Gpa F'Lakers' house must have 10,000 pieces. One day it will make its way to this coast. I know when that day comes he will not leave the house for a week.

I finished the back of that sweater. Whew. Now onto the front. I hope to keep moving along on this one. Next will be the sleeves. I'm going to need to learn how to knit in the round before I make the sleeves. I plan to practice on a little project. Before supper Keith watched the Masters and played with Legos all by himself in the living room. Kitty Gaea has been keeping the bed warm all day. The strawberry cake was iced before supper and will be quite the dessert. Leah has waited a long time for a taste of cake. Unfortunately the ice cream will have to be eaten another time since Mama forgot to pick some up yesterday. And even if it was remembered I doubt that it could fit in the freezer.

Now it's time for me to get off the computer and enjoy my Easter. Love to you all!


Anonymous said…
I think my favorite part of this post is the fact that you photographed your tearful daughters instead of comforting them. That's the kind of mom I aspire to be! :)
Yvonne said…
I am proud to be a role model for future mothers!

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