First surprise

After a long week at work, yeah I know 4 days but it has been a very long 4 days, I was happy to see a package for me from my SP10 spoiler. How exciting. There were all sorts of goodies in there and I am very pleased to see Spoilu thought of my girls too. Thank you very much Spoilu, I really needed that lift and this package made my week. I will be thinking of how to use that fab yarn, pink, I love the pink. And the rose pin will be on my lapel Easter morning.


Anonymous said…
That's awsome! well I'd like size 6,7,9 in the rosewood. Oh and Monday I will be sending your late christmas present. I thought I would send out that with my SP package.
Anonymous said…
I am glad that you enjoyed your first package. I already have part of the next one I am working on something special for you.

Spoilin you

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