Lego Sunday

After brunch Keith decided to go and get the Lego set for the Imperial Star Destroyer. This set is being discontinued this year and will soon be unavailable, so I guess there is some form of urgency here. It seemed like it would be an easy task. Head out in the rain to the local toy store and be home to put it together. Sure if we lived in a super easy perfect world. Except this is an imperfect world and there are other people with the same great idea. There was much disappointment during the store visits. Several stores had boxes that had been compromised and parts removed. Five stores later they found a Target with 4 in stock and were able to come home successful.

5 hours later the ship is put together and then broken 5 minutes after that. There will be much fun with this ship, there were 1366 pieces inside the set, imagine how much stuff you can create with that many Legos.


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