LYS day off visit

On Friday last I went to a local yarn store. Actually it was kinda far away, about a 20 minute drive from my home. I wanted to see what sort of things they have in comparison to my more local yarn store. The drive there is always pleasant windy roads that pass large farms and historic homes. I'd love to live out that way. So pretty and peaceful.

The store was small and crammed full of knitting goods. Are there any knitting stores that are large and roomy? I have yet to see one. I had fun to watching the little ones become fascinated with the pretty yarns in that store. They kept asking what I could make with skeins they picked up. The folks working the store were super nice and I like that. The woman working there helped me find a nice yarn for my SP10 spoilee. I really needed to make sure I got enough yarn. I'm still learning that whole yardage thing and wouldn't want to buy too little. (Is that possible?) I also selected some things for the gal at work. I taught her how to knit last month and she is addicted. I figured now that she has been cranking through that very large skein of cheapo yarn I gave her that she is serious and needs some of her own knitting basics. Her birthday is this week and I collected some $$$ and this will be a BIG surprise for her. Can't wait to give her this present.

And of course I picked out a few things for me. I found bamboo circulars. My first set of circulars. It's high time I learn to use these things and get rolling on some projects I want to try. I also picked up a set of #3 dpns. Can't make socks without a smaller set. And then there was some super pretty angora for a very special person that will need something warm to wear soon.


Anonymous said…
Ooh, what yarn store is this?
Yvonne said…
I added the link in the post take a look see!

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