Morning thoughts

It snowed last night. Hmm. Not much more than a dusting, nothing big, just a shock to all the blooming plants.

In other thoughts I have one more day and then I'll be able to eat chocolate. I am so looking forward to stuffing my face. It'll be fun. ( Can you tell that the little kid in me is shouting to get out?) I've got a plan. I'll start with milk chocolate and then work my way to the dark. Ah heck who needs a plan? Just pass the chocolate.

Discussion at our house about the Easter food has been very simple. We all agree that our Easter meal will include the following: cake, ice cream, doughnuts and chocolate. Yeah maybe there will be ham or something. Doubt that we'll need much else. Mmmm chocolate.

My girls are obsessed with Star Wars so the Easter Bunny might be leaving behind a light sabre or something cool like that. Olivia hopes the Bunny will leave behind a Princess Leia costume, you know, the one all men like. The one where she's Jabba's slave. Yep that's the one Olivia wants. Not the one where she is in a gown. Fantastic. Thanks George you're really making it easy to like your stories and have little girls.


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