Round and round again

Lookie at me I am starting my first knit in the round. Whoa was that first round hard! After I made it the first round it became easier to manage. And I didn't twist any stitches! Wha-hoo! Oh, yes, excuse me; Pardon me, all that cheering was so distracting I couldn't hear you asking me: "what am I knitting?"

I am knitting a funky skirt for my Leah. She loves rainbows and bright fun colors. This pattern I found in the Greetings From Knit Cafe book was THE thing for her. And I'll be able to use up some of my bits and pieces of lovely yarn. Oh, by the way, if you do not have this book then you should check it out. I recommend it very much. There are many wonderful patterns and even recipes for muffins and other goodies.

I am not knitting this skirt as a priority project, more of a break the boredom project, because I am working on several other things. There is a thing for my SP, a scarf for a friend, and a top secret project for someone else....and thoughts of something for my grandmother. Oh please some one stop me before I have too many projects. And then there is the looming no fun massive move in mid-June and packing will need to be done soon. Oh how I've been saying that for so long.


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