There she blows


Today in the DC area the wind is really fierce. Last night my wind chimes were clanging about. I'm talking about wind so strong there are some people out there that quite possibly could be blown over by one big gust. There is a large amount of debris laying around outside, branches, leaves, trash, etc., the debris reminds me of the remains from the passage of a horrible thunderstorm. As I prepare to leave for work I am watching the trees bend in all sorts of ways. I do hope this passes quickly as I don't think that the old trees in my neighborhood are going to last.

Oh and there are flood warnings too. The local stream has just about overflown its banks. Glad to be living on high-ish ground.


Anonymous said…
R and I are taking bets on when the juniper on the corner of our house is going to come crashing down.
Yvonne said…
That sounds like a good pool, can we get in on that bet?

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