Workfull woes

Lots of stuff going on at work that has me down. And the one thing I'm upset about is the wonderful rundown* coffee cart is no longer a staple in my building. Good people work there and I don't like that people I've known for some time are now out of a job, never good. Another company will be moving into that space sometime this summer. Even though the coffee cart was well, not the perfect shiny joint in some affluent neighborhood shopping center, I enjoy the people that work there and the people that frequent the place. I like that it's not a Starbucks-like coffee joint and it's not trying to be Starbucks. It's about having good coffee and good service. I like that if you just want a cup 'o joe, nothing fancy, you can get it without waiting for a line of people to rattle out their complicated drink orders. Its location is a point of meeting for my work community. We are surrounded by a building that is falling apart around us and yet we come together to have coffee. Now that a new company will be moving in I can expect that the Starbucks-like coffee atmosphere will be brought along. Sigh.

And on a personal greed level I'm cheesed that I've got two free drink cards I didn't use. Crapidity-crap. No freebie coffees for me. What was I saving them for? The end of the world?

*The cart is referred to in a different term and an anonymous commenter indicated it may be offensive. Of course I was to assume that everyone reading my blog would know me. Know me well enough that I would not intentionally want to offend anyone. So I have removed the term and the comment. I see how slang used with light humor can be interpreted negatively and are still hurtful to others.

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