Butterflies and Kitties

This party took a bit of work and went over well. Still Olivia would have been just as happy to have everyone over to play in her room. Or the yard. We set up early. The party began at 1pm so there wasn't a lot of time to waste.

I kept busy over a quick breakfast by finishing the paper butterflies. I had to string a bead onto thread and then thread that through the butterfly. The bead gave them just a tad bit of weight so that they wouldn't be too floaty in the wind. As I made them they were taken away and hung by Keith and the girls. The lanterns were added and the pinata was hung then the tree was done. It looked so great! He really made the yard festive with those balloons and streamers.

While he went to pick up the balloons I began to prepare the food. We kept it simple. Just dip with chips and veggies. We'll order pizza for the kids. I iced the cupcakes I made yesterday and set them aside in a large roasting pan. Keith returned and added the balloons to the backs of the chairs and some other places in the yard. When he was finished we had a party area ready for guests. All I needed to do was make the punch and set out the food.

The guests arrived and there was much excitement. They explored our house and played with toys. The order of events included making a foam butterfly, flower beaded necklaces, decorating cupcakes and busting the pinata. The cupcakes activity was fun. I put out all sorts of candies and sprinkles for them to use. They enjoyed having the artistic food craft. We sang to Olivia and then they ate their cupcakes.

What they really wanted to do was bust that pinata. They all lined up and after 3 rounds no luck. That was a tough pinata. Keith lined up to soften it a little and ended up smashing it in half. The kids were pleased and fought for the candy. Later before bed Olivia was upset that she didn't break the pinata. Have you seen some of these pinatas? They are made with cardboard. Hardly something little kids can break easily. I see why people with little kids buy those with the streamers you pull on to open the trapdoor.

Overall the party went well. Olivia opened her presents and it was sweet to see how excited her friends were to see her open their present. Olivia was very thankful and not too rude. I'm glad we had a party for her with her friends, finally, and that she had a wonderful time.

But I am so tired.


Judith said…
"very thankful and not too rude" -love it! I would be amazed if Olivia could have broken the piñata with a stick. Yes, those piñatas are are muy dificil to break even without the blindfold on. We had one a few years ago for my birthday (yes, my idea) and I had to use a softball bat if we were going to have cake at all that day. The party looks like it was beautiful and fun. I so wish we had been able to be there. Take care!

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