Contest 5: What do I do while I knit?

Hmmm. Usually I am sitting, although I have been known to knit while walking, that's time saving wacky me. Sitting is my preference. I find comfort while knitting to be very important. Once the girls are off to school I'll put on some music settle in on my couch and keep my coffee nearby. I have been known to watch TV but when I haven't seen the movie I tend to get sloppy with my stitches and then it just gets messy. Not good. So to keep my knitting groove going I put on some music. If I need to move along in my project then a little Jimi Hendrix is what I go for, if I want to take my time I might opt for some Sarah McLachlan. I know for certain that I cannot drink alcohol and knit....ends up pretty messy. I like to keep focus when working on projects and keep the project consistent.


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