One day left

Party planning is underway. We had loads of errands to run and lots of putting things together. Very busy day. Yet we had time to treat the birthday gal to pizza for lunch.

We began with a trip to Hallmark to find Olivia a birthday crown. No luck but I did pick up her card. Next we dropped by pre-school for the birthday party. After the kids wolfed down the cupcakes we left. Short school day for her. Our next stop was the local dollar store for party extras. We found some banners, pink plastic ware and some lei headbands or according to Olivia flower crowns. The party store was a few doors down so we stopped in there for the birthday crown (she didn't want to wear it after 30 minutes) and some table cloths. I was also looking for butterfly decor and had no luck. Blast! Not even the party store had butterfly stuff. We headed over to Lowe's for potting soil and seeds. That's an important part of the goody bag.

We ate pizza.

Last stop the market for the food. Once home we unpacked the van. Argh. Lots of crap to haul in the house, and it was HOT today.

Since Leah rode the bus home today I had one less thing to go do and that was a big help. Thankfully she loves the bus and this was a bit exciting day for her, she loves the bus. I stacked and packed treat bags. And that entailed me making the seed pots and sorting all the stickers, candies and books into the bags. When I finished that I was able to sort the crafts and have them ready to go.

We ate supper outside, watched Olivia open gifts and ate cake and ice cream. I cleaned up the mess, put the girls to bed and returned to finish some more party stuff. Keith blew up some balloons and I cut out a bunch of paper butterflies. Tomorrow will be all about set up. Whew.


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